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Moderate Budget:
Big Results

A beverage retailer in a competitive market scored a major win with an ad campaign that introduced infrequent shoppers to the many benefits offered at every store.

The ads scored impressively for recall, recognition, awareness and for attracting new shoppers.

They succeeded because they were so focused on what matters most to consumers.

And the best part, the ads cost only 20% of what the competitor spent on their own ad campaign.


An Important Question:
The Right Answer

An association representing a major industry saw their market share begin to erode. With resources already stretched to the max, there was no room for guess work. They needed to know exactly why and what to do about it.

Our study uncovered that their clients weren’t dissatisfied but were looking for alternatives to the traditional approach to doing business.

The solution? An interactive website that addressed the needs of their existing customers, while attracting new customers at the same time.

And the best part is that the solution was well within their budget.


A Million Saved:
A Million Earned

An international imaging company saw service complaints on the rise. Anecdotal evidence suggested poor response time.

Their proposed solution? Invest $6M for more tech support. Navicom was asked to confirm. Our findings showed response time was not the issue, it was keeping your word. “If you say 3 hours be there in 3 hours. If you say 6, that’s OK, just be there in 6.”

The result? Satisfied customers and $6M saved.

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